Precision Air Inc – Manning, SC Location

We take pride  in providing excellent services and repairs.


aircraft project | Major Repairs

Cirrus SR20

This aircraft is currently undergoing repairs. Damaged areas include firewall damage, floorboard damage, wing tip damage and nose wheel pant damage. 

aircraft project | damaged fiberglass

Piper Cherokee 180

This aircraft is currently undergoing repairs for damaged fiberglass parts and damaged lower cowling.


aircraft project | Landing Gear Repair

Cessna T210N

This plane had a Gear Up Landing.

Repairs include removing engine, Prop removed and sent out for Prop Strike Inspection, Removing Damaged Belly Panel and Skins, Installation of new belly panel, installation of new prop, painting repaired areas.

aircraft project | Leading Edge Repair

Cirrus SR20

Damaged Wing (Inboard), Damaged Wing (Outboard), Damaged Aileron

Repairs included removing damaged areas from the wing, re-installing Cirrus approved replacement parts and painting repaired areas. 

aircraft project | Major Repairs

Cirrus SR20

Aircraft experienced damage to the side of the fuselage and forward wing spar. 

Repairs included removing damaged wing from the aircraft, installation of new Cirrus approved wing, composite repairs, engine removal, installation of overhauled engine, removal and installation of new prop and painting repaired areas.

aircraft project | Complete Restoration

Cessna 152

Aircraft underwent a complete interior and exterior restoration which included installation of new engine, new prop, new rear window, new carpet, fully sanded and paint color changed (from red to black/gold).